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Rehearse the verse in reverse.. then you’ll have it.

Exactly one year ago today we shot a video for the track “Delivered” Album “Butterfly Man”.  The shoot was out in Devils Lake, East of Vancouver with the  Point Blank Video Crew  We had an amazing crew come out and be a part of the video.  A fine day it was…. Watch it here on the boob tube

Today, we are rehearsing like mad preparing for shows to come.  Tofino this weekend and a BIG Redroom showcase for The Peak 100.5 on the 22nd.   Thats next thurs!!

We’ve just crafted a live version of our new track written about Vancouver, for the Peak Radio Challenge.   We spent an evening, night and morning recording with the amazing Warne. thanks man. 

We perform the song on Sept 22nd at the Redroom.  Grab tickets to the show at and we’ll see you at the Redroom next Thursday.  We have a headlining set thats pumped to perform!

All Hail The Fall!

Tour! PEAK! 100.5 grand? (that’s one hundred thousand dollars and then five hundred more dollars, or $100,500 CAD, or 173,080 Brazilian Reals) Woop!

And there’s so much more. We’re in the crux right now, the transformation into the band you have in your car CD player, and then when you park the Benz (or the Nissan Stanza, whatever sits in your driveway) and walk inside, you punch the dial on your home stereo and the smooth sounds of HOT RUM! serenade your breezy afternoon. The summer is leaving, folks. I read the 14-day trend on weather. It’s saying goodbye and evolving into a cool fall of warm coffee in the morning and those jackets or sweaters that hang in your closet finding their way into your active wardrobe. 

We are very excited to have a new string of BC and AB dates this fall, which you can check on HERE 

I’m sitting in our East Vancouver home after a great weekend: A friday night extravaganza at the Electric Owl that was one of the most enjoyable shows in a while, with rap verses coming up against some disney jams, sitting in between some new tunes we are pretty stoked on. I loved watching Justine, who could barely contain herself, rising 2 bars before the drop in ‘You Know’, as the rest of the crowd remained on the floor, like a beacon of light in a sea of energy, face splitting into a huge smile. Made me pretty happy to be a musician. Openers Jackie Treehorn (, who have my excellent younger brother on drums, played a super-tight set and cooked up the spot to a frenzy of their own design, awesome. 

Then it was Michael Sawyer’s 60th birthday party over at the Kendall mansion. A wicked yard to play in, all to close friends, lovers, and family… awesome. He wrote out our setlist and included all the new songs. too cool.

We are very excited to be supporting Passion Piece ( a fundraiser which supports homelessness in Vancouver, on Oct. 6th at the Anza

not to mention we are the support act for the excellent island folk rock experience Current Swell ( who we consider close friends after sharing a dorm room for 7 long days at the Peak Boot Camp. Oct 22 at the Biltmore… they are releasing a new album and we should try and pack this spot to show our support for island bands in vancouver. 

New Merch line on it’s way

our RED ROOM SHOWCASE next thursday the 22nd of september. please come.

getting ramped and amped up for BRAZIL 2012… more as it develops.

our 4th annual block party was a huge success, raising over $6,000 for MUSIC TREE, our new charity… you can read more here

We love you all so much. Thanks always for your undying support and creative dance moves. 


Boom Boom.

Boom BOOM educationinspirationcreation

   We’ve been shacked up in Princeton since last Friday at the Peak Performance Boot Camp for The Peak 100.5 fm.  This has been a great experience for the band.  We’ve networked with the best bands in BC, learning about the performance, licensing, branding, and marketing techniques involved in this wild-music-BIZZZ.   We’ve watched live music every night in a beautiful setting with the best of hosts and organizers;.. DA PEAK. Current Swell, Fields of Green, Acres of Lions, all delivering there best in front of the judges.  We have one more day and then we’re back in the city.  Can’t wait to see everyone out at the Electric owl Sept 9th Friday …

geordie tom theo PHOTO

Komasket, Kaslo, Creston, Argenta

Oh man Oh man! Oh MAN! Happy days for all the people. Boys and girls take off their pants and slip on their swim trunks, run and jump around (frolic, if you will) in the summer heat, which has finally arrived in our beautiful province, to the joy off all its residents and tourists. We have been on the road now for 6 days, and each day has been a lifetime of experience.


we arrived at night time on the friday. gate was open but the “gate” was closed (i.e. the ability to be processed by people and made legitimate members of the festival) so we got slapped around like a pancake in a metal box in the back of a coche campesino. The gentleman at the gate saw a few sips left in our bottle of okanagan red wine and apologized profusely as he poured it out. a good way to start. I ran directly from backstage on to the mainstage and dig a stage dive to kick things up a notch. the people were hesitant at first but eventually they caught me and I headed north for 6 or 7 feet before falling. we set up in our teepee after seeing ADAM SHAIKH drop electronic bombs on the 600+ people there. jammed a bit, set up our tents all over the no-tenting landing and passed out. woke up to hot, hot middle-BC sunshine and started getting aquainted with the nearby lake. stood in a circle in the water and made heavy african ritmo with the following techniques:

HAND SLAP: cup your hand as if to hold liquid, rotate 180o and hit the surface of lake     ARM SWISH: lower part of arm (elbow, shoulder, etc) into water and move back and forth LEG CHURN: obvious                                                                                                         WATER SHAKER: similar to HAND SLAP, except moved back and forth right on the surface of the water

so that was fun, played some excellent soccer with HEADWATER and watched Ashley Slater nail these old school covers with just a stratocaster keeping her company, and saw SOUNDSPLASH from the okanagan rip a sick set, go check ‘em out.

ripped our own sick set for a good amount of peeps, threw some panties out into the crowd, then watched OKA, BUFFIE ST. MARIE, KYTAMI, and saw some amazing fire spinning. jammed with headwater in a tent with no power, and then there was power, and then there were 200 people in there with us. so fun.


5 hour drive from Vernon… the mighty paul and lynn van deursen had the legion all dialed when we showed up, with a big PA (+subs!!) and a good amount of lights. rocked it. lots of great people in the house. saw a RAINBOW! (are you reading this???! apparently you live next door to my brother on rose street!) good times.


The Snoring Sasquatch is one of those venues that you walk in and have no idea what is going to happen in there. It has all the elements of potential: lights, disco balls, a piano, lots of couches, a dancefloor, a PA, a coffee bar, showers…. but you’re standing in there, half-way to the stage with the kick drum in your hand, and it’s empty, and you’ve never played in this town before, and the manager is gone on his bike, and you’re like… hmm. could go either way. so basically, it was crazy. mostly an older crowd (i.e. 30-70yrs of age) and everyone danced, and aaron sang “caroline” to a 30yr. old man, who pulled his chair up to the front after we said “hey, is anyone here named caroline?” (no) “well, does anyone here WANT to be named caroline?” (dude) super funny. got the video, will tweet. stayed up late making avant garde art films with geordie as the main character, and he absolutely nailed it.


Rolled in to Chandler’s sprawling kingdom in the afternoon. Went to the Argenta hall and started building a big stage out of these stage/kids play blocks. built the whole thing on the side wall, set up all the gear, turned on the lights, and found they were pointed at a different wall. ran to nearby open woodshop (gotta love argenta) and grabbed some floodlights, draped some boom boom panties over them, smelt the smoke of burning panties, took panties off. returned panties to merch table. still for sale!! hot panties!! Chandler’s band opened and they were excellent, heavy folk music with some great harmonies and arrangements (not to mention a violin and accordion). We played 3 hours, including a 20-min rap jam with two rappers, who’s names escape me now, but they hung out with my brother on Cortez island last weekend and that’s good enough for me. they slayed. made some raman noodles in the kitchen and loaded out. slept. woke up, played soccer in a field with some horses, who ran from the ball when they could easily stab it with a hoof and be done with the whole fear thing. went to Bulmer’s Beach and MADE A HUGE RAFT OUT OF HUGE LOGS and had a proper maiden voyage (will upload footage soon). took last night off from playing shows and hung in nelson.


tonight kaslo once more

tomorrow some hot springs


I love to boom boom


Livin’ Like The Falling Rain


Man, it’s been a ride! And ever since we ripped out those stiff, ancient school seats in the Boom Bus it’s been a much more comfortable one. Treeplanting lasted a little longer than expected but also had us all full of livin’ and lovin’ like it always does when we left, not to mention some much-needed coin in the ol’ bank pocket to boot. Erik, Dawn, you run a great crew, thank you for having us on it.

So we rounded out our last shift in Cache Creek with some very, very real lightening on the block and some WWII era running of planters to the trucks, shovels (the world’s shortest lightening rods) abandoned quickly on the roadside as our unusually deft feet carried us at maximum speed across the slash and dirt and down the hill. Have you ever seen lightening hit a treeline, 200 meters away? It’s crazy. Big ball of purple electricity is visible to the naked eye, maybe 20 meters in diameter. Epic. Sean’s hair stood up on end for hours after with all the charge in the air, looked like one of those science world exibits.

Back into the city for a few days of rehearsal and re-chargement (and real beds!) and then we drove ourselves to Stanley Park and let out 5 weeks of pent up musical energy as the headliners for Norman Foote’s “Songfest”. Played with some other bands of note, Oh No! Yoko, Kate Morgan, Devon Leathwood, The Knots. Performer Extroadinaire Al Simmons joined us on stage for a frantic, circus-esque run around the drumkit for the finale and most of our friends and family were in the crowd. So nice to be home!

Since then, it’s been a crazy summer. We’ve been out to the Kootenays a few times, always to a surprising and heartwarming reception by the good folks out there… makes the 10 hour drive not that bad, after all (still, it’s a long way). But like I said, the Bus has been converted into a full-on lounge scene, with a bed in the back and benches up front. We slept 8 in there last saturday night at the Kulth Festival in Coombs on the island… Which was a freakin’ riot!! maybe 250 people there? half of those people making up the bands, too… but everybody in attendance threw down their soul colors on the dance floor and we had “one of those nights” for the books… then another one after that! Played some great Bocce Ball in the vendor section. Met Ron Sexsmith, he told Geordie that he reminded him of “a young bruce springsteen”. TLGLTP, Current Swell, Giraffe Aftermath, Stars, and many other excellent bands played with us, too. Syd Woodward of Grounded TV ( camera-slung along for the weekend, taking in the maelstrom in HD. Here’s a lil’ promo he crafted a few weeks ago:

We went to Cathedral Grove on the way home to shoot some music with the redwood trees (they sing beautiful harmonies if you just listen) and then home on monday night.

Next stop, a friend’s wedding in Squamish, then off to Komasket, Kaslo Jazz Fest, and THE HARMONY ARTS FESTIVAL in North Vancouver, which you should tell all your friends about and come down yourself, as well. we play at 7pm on SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!

After that, Big Time Out, Desert Daze in Spences Bridge, and then THE PEAK PERFORMANCE PROJECT BOOT CAMP!

Stoked. is our new website, go check it

must go digest this tentasu bento box in mah belly


boom boom.

Somos Plantadores de Arboles

beep beep beep beep beep…

it comes wandering into our dreams in the early morning like inception, a loud, dull noise that seems to be coming from the sky… or the mountains we are sliding down on our big magical snowboards… or the mouthes of totalitarian societies we were leading to freedom…

it’s the alarm clock. and it’s still dark. there is frost on the tent tarps, but at least the coffee is hot. 


Boom Boom! we’re in the middle of beautiful british columbia, right around cache creek, in a picturesque camp bordered by a massive chasm sliced into the earth’s crust by time and a branch of the canadian railroad, still active running goods in this electronic day and age. We can hear the train whistle from the block, which is a hop and a skip (15 minute truck ride) away from our tent doors. bad in the morning (only 4 songs from the ipod? how am I supposed to showcase my cross-genre good tastes?) and great when the planting is done, with fresh bread and soup waiting. This was the year we all swore an oath to leave the shovels in the shed and put our full energy into the band, but riko spandex offered us an alternative to the full season and we gladly took it… the bus isn’t going to fix itself. So our souls are signed off to the planting devil for May 2011. For anyone who hasn’t planted, on paper it’s part of the forestry cycle: we plant the new growth (mostly pine) trees and let them grow in peace until they are old enough to be harvested and make more lumber for Canada’s gigantic wood export. each tiny tree you plant is worth anywhere from 12-21 cents, and you climb over piles of slash and dodge charging wild bears until your bags are empty, then you walk back to the truck and re-bag the little buggers until 4:30pm comes around and you happily drop your shovel in the back of the FIST (fiberglass insulated seedling transport) and pile in the cab for a ride back to camp. it’s also a gathering ground for some of the world’s coolest people, our camp alone hosting 2 bands, 5+ languages, a multitude of ethnicities, and one deaf dog. not to mention our sultry cooks, who spend all day in living hell (literally, the cook trailer is as hot as hell, and I know because I’ve been there to sign that contract with the devil back in 2009) to feed all 50 of us. So we are out here for another 3 weeks…

But that doesn’t mean we forgot about cha. 



tell your friends! we need your help! this is a big place (stanley park’s natural ampitheatre) and it would be so awesome to make it into a big explosion of power. lots of other great artists playing and we are honoured to be headlining.

Sean Ross for Governor and The Four Shows

Yup Yup! (dirty dan, man. hope you’re killin’ it where ever you may be)

boom boom boom boom! 4 shows. awesome shows. started on a sunny wednesday, with some live music on the ferry! we’ve been sneakin’ into the forward lounges and slowly infiltrating people’s ear passages with some east van social club, boom boom, and most recently some 4-part harmonized gordon lightfoot. a great way to meet people and do live pR for the island shows, which all ended up being really excellent in their variety and energy. our first night we played the quirky and funky monkey duncan garage showroom with special guest Sean Ross on the puppets… a sit-down venue with great sound and a good turn-out for these economically exausting times. used the afternoon before the show to practice the long-rang frisbee drive and to tighten up some loose bolts on some new songs we’ve been playing recently… caught any new ones in the mash-up lately? show was fun, rich and I stayed up late afterwards jamming out under dim lights in the empty venue and fell asleep on the front row couches. back on tour! regardless of how long you go for, it’s always really fun to get to do this as a job. 

woke up on the same couches, sore but stoked, rounded up the troops, and pointed our bow north to cumberland. got in as the sun started thinking about a leisurely descent down through the layers of late afternoon, connected with El capitano, Vig, and Mr. Soundman Kevin (along with a few other friendly faces) to shoot a little video in their new studio on the main street (which is clearly a rip of front street in kaslo, but it the best way possible), then I pulled a hermit card to practice drumkit while the rest of the band added the island’s own Dancing Dan to a 3 on 3 soccer match in the park. Ate the steak special and said whats up to erik and jeremy who dropped in from their nearby planting camp, and played a HYPE show! old-school energy, bright lights, new material, an encore, lots of fun. cumberland you get down!!! epic.

Nanaimo next. The Rondezvous. Jon Bone opened up with a loop pedal and an acoustic. revolutionary shit in a fancy restaurant. munched delicious food. played 2 sets and sweated it up. paying attention to the rat pack, the temptations, manu chao, king floyd, gordon, the 90’s… our current influences (not covers persay, more like when the voice inside your head talks to your soul, it sounds like gordon’s voice). re-connected with suzanne, who we met on the ferry, and everyone agrees reminds them of my mom. high-functioning go-getter. the network grows! talk of summer festivals and parties goes on into the night, and we take an early night off and sleep in our hotel. 

We make a killing on the ferry on the way back to the mainland. Celebrate by trying to figure out which there are more of in circulation.. Bibles or Albums? any ideas? The sky opens up and we get some sun on that beautiful highway up to whistler. Roll in and check into our piiimp suites, go down to the plaza where they’ve built a stage for the night’s festivities. Meet Reggie, set up our stuff, and we are surprised to find (and chandler, this is gonna surprise you) only 4 bikes! we put in a bit of time to charge the capacitors and batteries (which will be charged by randoms for the next hour and a half until we come back to play and then we will just run the stored power out). Get taken out to a restaurant we could never afford in real life and eat some of the best bbq ribs I’ve ever had. write up a setlist. eaaat some more comida bonitisima, head back to the plaza. they cut the power and we take the stage to a crowd of about 100 people… and by the time we were done we had probably about 400 people taking it in. a tight set, extra jumping, sean and aaron nailed a back-and-forth rap about earth hour for new song “fire” and the end was a big orgasm of pure liquid energy. partied with dawn brinkman and her ladies, eva anandi and georgia made it late but made up for it with their amazing souls and us boom boom boys let off some steam in aussie paradise. 

almost climbed the chief today, but

too hungover.


and in the father future, we have confirmed SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL one again!!! 

check in with us on a regular basis… good to be home. we love you BC


the boom booms.

If The Fire’s Gonna Burn (We’re Gonna Stand Right Here)

Tom reportin’.

We just rounded off a 5-day tour of our own city. Each show it’s own unique experience; from Calabash’s excellent party vibes, to a birthday party for Megan Twist (check her out here, great voice! and her possy in an open theatre with great sound, to the Railway with Baba Brinkman, and then some! Ramping up for a big spring. Richard is in the air as I type this, flying back from a three-week paid vacation to Australia. What a lucky guy. In the meantime, we’ve had the pleasure of having Theo take on drumkit duties, and this has led to some really epic onstage afro jams. They say you have to play the same groove for 17 minutes before you can truly get lost in it. 

The base of operations: our new house in EAST VANCOUVER. What a pimp pad. I can’t stress how much it looks like a great british castle to me every time I look at it. We’re doin’ our thing on Franklin Street, as the snow comes and goes and spring approaches, and the scent of opportunity is in the air. BOOMBOOM

We finished a new video! Well, it’s an older song, some of you probably know, “Delivered”. I posted it in the last post, but here’s the link again

And I went over last night and hung with the Green Couch Sessions crew in their editing suite, they are doing some high-quality shit over there, snapping us together a lil’ promotional video, among other unbelievably high-resolution projects. Cool stuff.

It’s nice to be back home. Our next shows are THIS FRIDAY at Lucky Bar in Victoria, and THIS SATURDAY at the J Lounge downtown, please come check it out! rich will be back and rippin’ some drum fills. Aaron might go into convulsions and get delivered. Geordie will definatly have some tight pants on. Theo may ask you to jump. Sean will look as good as he does in his videos. I will probably play a bit of guitar. Also we are excited to play  BIG TIME OUT, and SONGFEST on june 11th at Malcolm Bowl. 

and lastly, the CD has not yet been officially released, we still got a bit of ground to cover until June, what with treeplanting for May and all that. But we are very stoked to bring you our music in a public kinda way. Stay tuned for more when there is more

for now

be good to yourself

and boom boom.